hiding in the toilet

video-loop 23min
russionised toilet

a toilet, reassembling a situation captured somewhere in russia. the situationist installation is chosen as the artist is unable to express it’s meaning. to capture and reproduce the essence of other cultural areas we have to end up in the anthropologist’s dilemma, where we find ourself unable to define culture itself or even watch it from a objective perspective. surely some impressions stick; for instance the victory of capitalism which seems to be very well adapted by the former – so called – communist countries.

3 photos, C-Print

via random sampling the prices of two products [milk / coka cola zero] have been tested on the whole journey from vienna to shanghai. these prices have been put in relation to the countries GDP per head, resulting in the estimations to the right [prize in comparison to the according product in austria measured by GDP per head]. the photos where taken in tankhoi, omsk and beijing. during the whole journey there was only one place where coka cola zero was not available.