Nicolaj Kirisits is the founder of the Spat_lab at the University of applied Arts Vienna. The research focus of this lab is to develope design strategies for time based corporalities in the field of mixed media architecture with a special focus on sound in space.
His work as an artist covers the range of interactive installations, performances and soundcompositions. His work was performed and shown at international festivals iin the field of digital media art (ars electronica, siggraph, file festival, nime festival, mmw, digital art week zürich…). He is, togehter with Günter Lautner, the head of laki-architects (lautner kirisits architects). Laki won several architectur competitions in the field of urban design and housing projects.
Academic and Professional Qualifications
since 2003 Assistant Professor (univ.ass.)
University of applied Arts Vienna, Institut for fine Arts and media Arts, Department of digital art
2002 margarethe schütte-lihotzky grant
since 1999 Prinicpal of laki architects
1997 Master Degree Architecutre University of Technology Vienna
1990-1995 Supplemental Course / Electronic and experimental Music University of Music and Performing
Arts Vienna
1986 High School Diploma / Biomedical Engineering TGM Vienna
2009 Interactive Soundcomposition for biological Instrumentation (Nina Tommasi)
2007/2008 Rahmenbedingung Performance for sensor-equipped Bikes together with Klaus Filip, Noid, Dieb13
2006/2008 Transit GPS based Media Sculpture together with Klaus Filip
2006/2007 the handydandy bluetooth rocknroll for mobile phones
together wiith bernhard bauch, luc gross, gordan savicic, julia staudach, florian waldner
2006 Fade in Fade out Interactive sound – videoinstallation together with Martina Chmelarz
2005/2006 Echos Interactive Spatial Soundinstallation
2003 Ama-ze Virtuell internetbased – soundarchitecture
2001 – 2003 uzume interactive cave installation together with petra gemainböck , roland blach
Since 2005 Versunkene Gärten Urban development, residential buildings laki architects
since 2006 Heller Fabrik Urban development, residential buildings laki architects
1999 – 2001 Hängende Gärten Residential building laki architects
Organisation / Symposium-Workshops-Exhibitions:
2008 Local Commitee / OrganisationMobile Music Workshop 2008, Vienna
2007 Concept / Organisation Digital Claiming Workshop / ArtProject Plocica Croatia
2005 Curator / Organisation Ratsch Fump Donk The „objects sonores“ meet digital art
Exhibition Heiligenkreuzerhof Vienna
Nicolaj Kirisits, Universe architecture published in Alias in wonderland University of applied arts, Vienna 2009
Nicolaj Kirisits, The Geography of the Unseen published in New Realities: Being Syncretic
Consciousness Reframed: The Planetary Collegium’s IXth International Research Conference
Ascott, R.; Bast, G.; Fiel, W.; Jahrmann, M.; Schnell, R. (eds.)
360 p. With numerous illustrations and a DVD., Softcover SpringerWienNewYork, Vienna 2009. ISBN 978-3-
Creative Interactions – The Mobile Music Workshop 2004-2008 Kirisits, N.; Behrendt, F.; Gaye, L.; Tanaka,
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Nicolaj Kirisits, Timeobjects published in FILE Symposium Rio 2006, Rio de Janeiro ISBN 85-89730-04-2
Jan Tabor, Der Sieg Über die Gravitation, Architetkur : lautner kirisits Published in Just! Architecture from Austria Verlag Haus der Architektur Graz 2006 ISBN 3-901174-61-3