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severin gombocz

title: bricks (

Brick print.jpg

sound installation

materials: 20 clay bricks (25cm x 13cm x 7cm), electronic sound devices (speaker, microcontroller)

This mobile installation uses you, the participiant, as carrier, composer and arranger. You recieve clay-made bricks at the entry and you can carry them around as you like. You can push a button and talk to them. You can listen to your own recording in combination to the existing noises coming out of the brick. You may leave the brick anywhere in the exhibition space or re-arrange existing structures. Please be careful!

Bricks are mass-produced industry items, but they can be used as a personalized individuum by the recipient. If we assume that the architecture of a specific place could literally tell its story, we are able to re-stage our own story of the Sokolowsko Tower as the building itself is made of the same material as the bricks.