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reading the book "microsound" by Curtis Roads (ISBN 978-0-262-18215-7)
microsound als pdf
File:Curtis roads - microsound (cd accompanying the book).zip

Ubu Resourcenseite

Time Scales of Music

Media:Microsound 1.maxpat max-patch zur ersten Vorlesung

File:Maskierung.maxpat dd

Media:18.okt.2016.maxpat max-patch zur 2. Vorlesung

Media:Decaying_envelope.maxpat max-patch seite19



uli aumüller: my cinema for the ears

related music on youtube:

lange stücke:

- Erik Satie Vexations Complete by Nicolas Horvath

- the-10-longest-pieces-of-classical-music

- john cage one 11


- Pierre Schaeffer -- Études de bruits (1948)

- Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis (Spectral View)

- Eliane Radigue - Islas resonantes

- Bernard Parmegiani - De Natura Sonorum (1975)


- Media:Ppooll.zip internal version of ppooll

- some useful software - especially: Virtual ANS & PhonoPaper

maxfiles cloudgenerator:

Media:Cloudgenerator001.maxpat cloud-generator teil1

Media:13.dez.2016.zip cloud-generator max patch vom 13.dez. 2016

Media:Graincloud_-_klangobjekt.zip Graincloud - Klangobjekt - Generator 2.0

Media:Graincloud_-_klangobjekt-2-1.zip Graincloud - Klangobjekt - Generator 2.1 mit Raumgestik !!

Media:Graincloud_-_klangobjekt_4ppooll.zip Graincloud_-_klangobjekt_4ppooll.zip